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The ERMCO Green Energy Group was successful in landing the largest solar photovoltaic project in the state of Indiana to date. This project is being completed with ARRA stimulus funds and upon completion, will be the largest roof-based photovoltaic system installation in the United States. The 3,250,000 watt system will consist of 10,656 Sun Power 305 panels covering the roof of the three-story building on Indianapolis’ west side. The project will also include a laboratory area consisting of a 30,000 watt medium efficiency crystalline module array, 30,000 watt thin-film laminate array, 30,000 watt thin-film panel array and a 30,000 watt thin-film cylinder array. The laboratory area will house a complete weather station data server, which will report the power generation and all relative atmospheric information directly to the SANDIA laboratories at New Mexico State University. In total the complete roof layout will occupy approximately 245,000 sq. ft. and should generate 5,289,215 kWh’s annually.